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Mother's Day Ring of the Week

Mother's Day Ring of the Week

Mother's Day Ring of the Week


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Rings Ship Out Thursday May 11th Via USPS Priority.


Note: Even though Mother's Day is over, we still have the silver to make a handful of these. Get them while you can!


This week's ring is hand-stamped stamped with: "mother, mama, mommy, ma, mom, and mum." This is literally the best gift idea you've ever had. Go ahead: she's going to love it!

As always the base band is sterling silver. A few important notes (best for last):

  • We're only making 5 this week.
  • We guarantee their arrival by mother's day (in the US).
  • There is not a size selection on the order form. This is so you can place an order and then super secretly find out mom's ring size.
  • You have 8 stones to choose from. Once you place your order, we'll reach out for you to schedule a call with Naomi to discuss exactly how you want yours to look!
    • In the second picture the stones are as follows:
      • Jade
      • Rose Quartz
      • Orange Carnelian
      • Howlite Turquoise
      • Chalcedony
      • Amethyst
      • White Howlite
      • Labradorlite



Note: By default you may have a discount code that works with this ring. However, please don't purchase with a discount code as this is a limited edition ring and can only be sold at full price. Thank you for your support!

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