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Custom Spinner Rings
We make these rings to your specifications for each and every order. The rings in the middle of the band "spin", so they are great for those of us with nervous tendencies or anxiety. They are fun to wear and the inner band is superbly comfortable;...
Ring of The Week: Rose Pattern
By far our most popular "Ring of the Week", we've elected to make this a regular staple for the time being. The default design is a new one. It's the one pictured here: three hammered rose gold filled spinners. However, please feel free to leave a...
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RingSpin.me Design 207
One of our most popular designs. This features: A silver base band A hammered copper spinner. A twisted silver spinner. A polished yellow gold filled spinner. Just select your size!
April's Moon Ring
Bit of a change of course from our original plan! We originally planned to offer these rings during the 48 hours of each month's full moon. Instead we're offering a new Moon Ring as a Ring of the Week during any week which includes the full moon. ...
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RingSpin.me Design 171
A perfect combo of simplicity and elegance. This features: A floral patterned A twisted copper spinner. A hammered silver spinner. Just select your size!
Ring of the Week: Geometric
Introducing a limited run of our geometric pattern! We love this design with two silver spinners (as pictured), but would love even more to customize it for you! Just leave your spinner requests in the order comments!
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RingSpin.me Design 133
Modern Meets Rustic... This features: A sterling silver "Pebbled" base band 3 Copper Spinners: Twisted, Hammered, and Polished Just select your size!
Ring of the Week: RingSpin Design 244
This is one of our absolute favorites. For all of the different metals we use, sometimes we just can't get enough silver. This ring is our floral pattern base ring sporting a beaded middle spinner hugged by two polished silver spinners. This reall...