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Ring of The Week: Rose Pattern
  Back for a short time by popular demand, we've elected to make another dozen of these!
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Mother's Day Ring of the Week
This week's ring is hand-stamped stamped with: "mother, mama, mommy, ma, mom, and mum." This is literally the best gift idea you've ever had. Go ahead: she's going to love it! As always the base band is sterling silver. A few important notes (best...
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Ring of the Week: Geometric
Introducing a limited run of our geometric pattern! We love this design with two silver spinners (as pictured), but would love even more to customize it for you! Just leave your spinner requests in the order comments!
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April's Moon Ring
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Bit of a change of course from our original plan! We originally planned to offer these rings during the 48 hours of each month's full moon. Instead we're offering a new Moon Ring as a Ring of the Week during any week which includes the full moon. ...