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Greetings RingSpin, friends!

We're so excited to have you on our site. We opened our online store just a few weeks ago on March 15th and we've had an amazing response. We're pinching ourselves, we just can't believe the support and enthusiasm we've received.

First things first. Look at this freaking ring:

Pebbled Spinner with 3 Copper Rings

I'm pretty sure you can tell whether someone is a real human being or whether they're a robot programmed to act like a human by whether or no they like that ring. Who am I kidding? Even a robot would *love* this ring. Other than the fact that these rings are basically made out of the same thing robots are made out of.

Anyway. Long day. Let's all just forget all the crazy stuff I just typed and look at this ring again:

Pebbled Spinner with 3 Copper Rings



You'll notice that the current pricing of our rings is $80. And you'll also notice that it shows the "Compare At" price (or whatever) is considerably more than that. That's a part of our "Grand Opening" (again: or whatever) sale, and we're going to raise the prices back to something more manageable (for us, anyway) on April 1st. We only want to change our prices on these spinners once, ever, so we're putting a lot of thought into exactly where our prices will fall. Feedback welcome!

Thanks again for all the love and support!


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