News About The End of The Grand Opening Sale

Hey, everyone! As some of you know today was slated to be the last day of our "Grand Opening" sale.
First of all, that's a stupid name for a sale. But it's also pretty accurate.
[Quick Summary of this long post, by the way: We were going to raise prices tomorrow, but now we aren't but also some caveats.]
Second of all, tomorrow we planned to raise prices to our normal retail price and basically stay there. But.
We're not quite going to do that yet. Mostly because, we haven't advertised it well and I think there are a bunch of folks out there who have plans to purchase right now that don't necessarily realize that they're about to have to pay more.
So. Two things:
1. Sale Extended for another week. Spinner rings still $80. Stackers still the same price. Free priority shipping on all spinners.
2. Because I know some people will still miss out on the sale and feel real bummed, and because I hate to see people bummed, I'm making this coupon available to anybody who has the attention span to have read this far. $15 off any order over $100 *after* next Friday: BYEBYEGRANDOPENINGSALE
It will only work 50 times and only once per customer. It won't work if you've already bought a ring at a discounted price, so it's for new customers and for you to *share* with new customers.
That's all. Feedback welcome!
Happy weekend!

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