How does your Spin Base get that cool print!?


This is an awesome stack of copper, steel and brass print plates! They are placed in the Rolling Mill, which is basically two "smooshing cylinders", print side up, with Sterling Silver on top of the print. I roll both the plate and the silver through simultaneously. When they come out the other side, the base ring is printed with your favorite design, and then ready to be cut to size and made circular into your ring! Woohooo!  Some prints I make myself via a process called etching, and some I buy from various other sources.  If you see a pattern in your world that you like, I can probably create a ring from it.  Let's talk! 



Photo Courtesy: Jasmine Jackson

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  • Sean Grapevine on

    Hi Suzan!

    The prices should be located right next to each ring. Let me know if it’s not showing up!

    Sean Grapevine

  • Suzan Wegman on

    Your rings look very interesting. I don’t see a price on anything.

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