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Custom Spinner Rings
  • Talk Directly With The Artist

    Naomi will work with you to create exactly what you're looking for in a ring.

  • Anxiety Relief

    Ever wanted something that will magically cure your anxiety? This isn't it. But these rings sure are nice to fidget with when you're stressed!

  • Infinitely Customizable

    Even with just the options we have listed there are over 1.5 million combinations of materials, patterns, and number of spinners.

  • Made in the US

    Naomi makes these rings specifically to order just for you at her studio in Colorado.

Meet Naomi

Greetings Friends!  

My name is Naomi and I'm the artist and designer here at RingSpin. I love and live in Colorado. Stirred by nature's beauty, and the Universe's answer to my call as an Artist, I am truly honored to be part of your Spinner Story! All of the Spinner Rings you see here are hand made by me.

It is my aspiration to spread love and intention by creating jewelry that is designed to be worn as a symbol of the same. 

Stay awhile; select a Spinner for yourself or a special someone, and no matter what, make sure that you Ador(n)e Yourself.


Nobody Wants What Everyone Has

At least when it comes to jewelry. 

There are enough combinations available to you on our "single" product that everyone person in Bahrain could have their own unique ring. So tell your friends in Bahrain to come visit our site... They don't want to get stuck with the one in 1.5 million combinations that know one else wanted!